Things to know about the information below.

  1. All of the training slides are recommended, but NOT mandatory.
  2. You will have the best chance of being placed in your preferred area if you go through the training slides for that area?
  3. There will be trivia based on the operations, Volunteer Information, Active Shooter, and Fire and Bomb Threat slides at the Volunteer All Hands Meeting with chances to win cool prizes.
  4. After you’ve gone through all of the Training Slides you want to complete, there is a large button at the bottom of this page that will take you to the Volunteer Quiz.
  5. Volunteer Management will be reaching out to you after you answer the questions on the quiz, by clicking the button below.
  6. The quiz is not a normal quiz. Every question is yes or no and based entirely on the honor system. If you read the slides for an area, and believe you know the information, then you would select yes. If you didn’t go through the slides for a specific area select no. There are no wrong answers and no penalty for selecting no.

FanX 2022 Show Operations Training

Volunteer information for FanX 2022

FanX 2022 Volunteer Access Training

FanX 2022 Active Shooter Training

FanX 2022 Volunteer ADA Training

FanX 2022 Ballroom Volunteer Training

FanX 2022 Celebrity Row Training

FanX 2022 Volunteer Customer Service training

FanX 2022 Fire/bomb threat training

FanX 2022 Kidcon Training

FanX 2022 Panels Training

FanX 2022 Registration Training

FanX 2022 Special Guest Transport Training

FanX 2022 Vendor Floor Training

FanX 2022 Volunteer Services Information